My life as I know it…

Warning: You may not agree with the following post and you know what? That’s okay, that’s your right. I don’t judge anyone just because they may believe differently than my beliefs.

You can’t tell me that God doesn’t exist, because I know that He does. Today makes nine years since I was in a car wreck that, for all intents and purposes, should have killed me. The EMT told me several times on the way to the hospital that he didn’t know how I wasn’t crushed. The guy in the car behind me said that I “was bouncing around inside the car like a ping pong ball”.  And a few hours later, I was walking out of the emergency room, banged up and bruised, mainly from the seat belt, where it kept catching me around the chest and my knees looked awful from where they took the brunt of the dashboard crushing and collapsing. I still have trouble with my back and memory from that wreck. But I’m still alive.

The truth is, that day I could have cared less about living. It had been almost exactly three months since I had lost my mom and I just wasn’t in a good place. God had His hands on me and said, “Not yet, I have more planned for you.”

A year ago today, I had my heart attack. I was technically dead for a couple of minutes. My heart literally stopped beating until I was resuscitated. I won’t go into the whole debate of is there or isn’t there life after death, because that is personal and something that I haven’t shared with anyone, including my husband. But I will say this; if you think this, life, is all there is,  you’re going to be sorely disappointed when it’s your time. With that heart attack, again God was telling me that it wasn’t my time. There’s still more goodness that I can do, there’s more intended for me.

So please, don’t try to convince me that my Father in Heaven doesn’t exist. He’s very real, my friends. And one day we will all see Him again for our Judgment.