As promised (belatedly)

Here is the throw that I made for one of my greatest friends ever. She has always been an amazing woman and I love her dearly. I wanted to make something to match her bright, happy personality. Something that she and her beautiful family can snuggle under on the couch. It ended up being larger than a standard sized throw, but well worth the effort, time and love that went into it.  Here it is:


This was stretched out across most of my mother-in-law’s living room floor. It could probably even be used on a twin bed for a child/small teen. I’m 5’3 and it was almost perfect for me to sleep under. lol


It was done entirely in double crochet…


Except for the border, I decided to go with a single crochet.


I alternated the colors, until I got to the middle and I decided to reverse it. I wasn’t entirely sure that I liked it until I laid it out and seen it finished.

I chose all neon, “happy” colors that matches RH’s Blacklight variegated yarn, except for the purple. I decided on purple instead of black because I liked the way it looked more.

This was definitely a labor of love and thanks for such a great person who has seen me through the worst and best times in my life. She’s always been there to listen and help me with good advice. Thank you Tracy, for just being you! 🙂


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